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Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oils

I went to an oil painting demo a couple of weeks back at Lovely’s gallery in Margate. The demo was Anthony Giles who paints wonderful seascapes and sunsets of a Turneresque type. He was using these fast drying oils which I’ve never tried before. I bought some, determined to try to speed up the drying time of painting in oils. They really work!

For certain types of painting, they are ideal but I wouldn’t be able to use them all the time, occasionally I like to continue mixing colours on the canvas for a very long time but these are dry by the next day almost.

Heres a rough copy of the painting Anthony did in the demo, it’s obviously not up to the same standard but it opens the door for me to explore this type of subject, for that I am thankful.

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Oil paint drying rack

We are running out of drying space for the oil paintings so there was a need to be creative with our space.

I have a few oil paintings on the go, each at various stages and each drying at different speeds, some thin some thick.

I looked up some solutions and decided that a vertical rack type thing would work best for is. Here it is at the top left of this photo, there is only 2 paintings on it at the moment just to see if it works. I’ll make some more holes, to hold about 15 or so paintings I guess.

Also in the photo is a couple of winter paintings of our daughtets. Hopefully they will turn into full colour portraits before too long…

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Values excercise

values sphere painting

I’m doing lots of exercises in an attempt to hone my skills as a painter. They say design and values makes a painting more than colour alone. Here’s a values exercise in oils, it has a thin earthy underlayer and using a pallette of black and white, with several mixes in between, painted the sphere and background. I might go over it with some colour but I’m also tempted to leave it like this. 60x50cm oil on canvas.


values sphere painting
Values sphere
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Alice Grisaille


Oil paints are a daunting medium, no doubt about it! I’ve attempted a small grisaille painting of our eldest here. Unfortunately she wouldn’t sit still for too long so I’ve had to do it from a photo. I’m still working on getting colour mixes right so this monochrome technique suits me down to the ground

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Palm Bay School Art Auction

A call went out for donations of artwork for our daughter’s school in order that they could organise a public auction to raise funds for an arts project – please come along if you are able. I didn’t have anything I felt was suitable for the event so I decided to create something new. Due to the limited time, an oil painting was out of the question so I opted for acrylics. I took some photos along the way…